5 compelling advantages of performance marketing over traditional marketing


  1. The Advertiser gets value for their money

Unlike in traditional marketing styles where there’s no quantification of the marketing campaign success, performance marketing addresses the need for the marketer to become accountable to the investor for the resources invested in marketing with them. This, therefore, ensures that the advertiser (investor) only pays for the services rendered (the success achieved).

  1. it’s a win-win case for both the advertiser and the marketer

Traditionally, marketing companies could just hype the effectiveness of the campaigns they run without proper proof of success. Others could just broadcast the advertiser’s ad on their media without proper tracking of its success or failure. However, with performance marketing, you only get paid according to your marketing effort; with a unit increase in the success of the campaign, there’s always a corresponding increment in rewards to the marketer, and vice versa.

  1. Encourages hard work while eliminating fraud

With the tracking of leads at every stage of marketing,


With performance marketing, the marketing company and the advertiser can keep track of the campaign success from time to time. Since marketing payments are based on the success of the campaign, it has become extremely necessary for the marketer to regularly change their marketing approaches to ensure that they achieve the best marketing results. Good results for the marketer also mean well for the advertiser; it’s a win-win case for these two partners.

  1. Performance marketing is measurable

Contrary to the traditional ways of doing marketing, performance marketing involves the use of tools to assess the success of the campaign. Due to this capability, it’s possible for the marketer to modify their approach to specific marketing campaigns whenever there’re no good results. It also gives the marketer and advertiser an opportunity to terminate marketing campaigns that do not perform well even after modification of the marketing approach.

  1. Performance marketing rewards quality

Good quality content and traffic are the recipes for good leads. A website that invests well in identifying their audiences’ needs and providing for them stand to perform well in performance marketing. This is because the advertised product or service is highly likely to be relevant to the web page visitor, thus increasing their chances of completing the marketer’s target action.

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