4 reasons why targeted leads are important

Most businesses that invest in the provision of marketing services have one goal in common; to generate traffic. However, business owners and managers need to be careful in ensuring that their online marketing platforms mostly generate targeted traffic. This targeted traffic needs to be of high quality in order to increase their chances of converting. Below are some of the main reasons as to why you or any other marketing business requires targeted lead;

  1. Targeted leads command better conversion than generic/untargeted leads

The basic role of a marketer, especially a performance marketer is to make a sale. It makes more marketing sense for a marketer to pitch their marketing ideas to an audience of 1000 people that have a common interest than to an audience of 10,000 people who have no interest in the subject. It is easier to convince an interested audience (or what can be called the right audience) to perform an action desired by the marketer than it is to do with a generic audience. This, therefore, shows how important it is to understand the audience you intend to market to. An increase in targeted leads is equivalent to increased conversion rate which also translates to increased sales.

  1. Targeted leads are necessary for realizing Return on investment of your PPC promotions

Running a PPC promotion requires sufficient investment on the campaign. For instance, when using generic leads, the marketing company may achieve in delivering the clicks as required by the advertiser. However, for the advertiser to recover the marketing cost and also make some profits, these leads need to convert into sales, which obviously won’t happen in this case. This shortcoming can be cured through the use of targeted leads. With targeted leads, there’s high conversion rate which helps the advertiser realize a better ROI for their marketing campaign investment.

  1. Targeted leads increase chances of recurrent sales

When a website visitor visits a website that addresses their interest and ends up buying through the site or their channel, they are likely to revisit the site the next time they are in need of those particular or alternative products. Users tend to go back to places that previously enabled them to achieve their buying needs. This especially happens when a user gets good experience while transacting through the site/channel.

  1. Gives a lifeline to your business

Businesses are usually expected to sustain themselves by becoming profitable. A business that makes no profit has no role remaining in business. As we’ve already seen, when using targeted traffic, a business has high chances of making more sales through improved lead conversions. Making more sales play a role in making the business become profitable and immune to collapse due to bankruptcy.

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